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Chris Alberts

Chris is the founder and owner of Hunters Pride Hunting Agency as well as Hunters Pride Taxidermy. He has been in the industry almost all his life but worked as a taxidermist in the Namibian hunting Industry extensively for the last 18 years with a profound passion for his work and the Namibian Hunting Industry as a whole.

Carina Alberts

Carina, married to Chris, and co-founder of Hunters Pride Hunting Agency as well as Hunters Pride Taxidermy has been the backbone and support for Chris's passion throughout the years, she gained all the relevant experience and grew to love all the ins and outs of the Namibian Hunting Industry.

To them, every Hunter becomes part of the Family.

Meet The Team


The founders of this exciting new Venture - Chris and Carina Alberts, also the owners of Hunters Pride Taxidermy situated in the Eastern part of Namibia in a small village/town called Witvlei, 50km from Gobabis in the Omaheke District.


Both of us grew up in Namibia and in 2004 we moved to Witvlei where we settled and started with the passion of taxidermy art which was always a part of Chris`s dream for his future.


We have been in the Hunting Industry for more than 18 years now.  Together we have built up the taxidermy studio to where it is today with many thanks to our clients over the years. With this passion in mind, we tried to create a future for our children, grandchildren, and the Namibian Wildlife and Hunting Industry as a whole.


We have made such wonderful friends from all over the world in these past 16 years and are very grateful to all our clients returning year after year, to us it has become more than just a business – it became a part of our family!        


Hunting in Namibia is such a wonderful and exciting experience with the most friendly hosts and Ph.’s and we want to make this experience even more worthwhile thus the reason we decided to start this new venture whereby we want to offer the Hunting Clients an unforgettable Namibian experience through a ONE CALL AGENCY.


We will offer you a wide variety of hunting possibilities which will offer you one click of a button luxury to arrange your next Hunting Trip.


We organize all the related booking in Namibia, including traveling, hunting, and the package of your choice, the mounting of your trophies/ Taxidermy, and also the shipment.


We will make it as stress-free as possible and we will take care of you

and your companions with great enthusiasm.



Bring along your rifles and your cameras for this lifetime adventure and experience the Namibian bush, grasslands, or mountains...

to "Us our Clients are part of the great big Namibian Hunting family and we will take care of you and your fellow hunters and companions with great enthusiasm..."

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