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Let Chris and his Team at Hunters Pride Taxidermy bring your hunting memories to life!


Established in 2004, we have more than18 years of invaluable experience built on intricate knowledge of African game.


As one of the largest Taxidermists in Namibia, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and making our own customized moulds to suit your needs.


Chris strives to prepare the most natural-looking trophies.


After your hunt from almost anywhere in Namibia, we can organize and arrange for the pick-up of your unfinished trophies and bring it to Hunter’s Pride for the preparation and mounting, from where we will leave you amazed in our work and talent with an outstanding high quality Trophy.


Our shoulder mounts are entirely custom made by hand and have been crafted over the years in order to replicate the true beauty that an animal portrays.


Our hand crafted pedestal mounts are available with a variety of different wood forms, inlays and designs. Add practicality and innovation to your taxidermy collection by opting for one of our Pedestal Mounts.


Capture the species in it's full beauty and presence. Even after more than 14 years of craftsmanship, we strive to create new and improved mounts to replicate any animal in it's entirety - forever capturing the essence of nature.


As if frozen in time and rediscovered by future generations, place a stamp of creativity and art on any Trophy by allowing us to catch your memories in perfection. It will display as natural as it is enchanting.


​Our Offset Mounts are entirely custom made by hand - we pride ourselves in attention to detail and making our own customized molds to suit your needs.


Here is a gallery of our other projects and trophies. Each with its very own special attention to detail. We ensure that each product that leaves our premises is of the highest quality.

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Throphy Room
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