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Hunter's Pride Terms & Conditions


  1. Prices are subjected to change without prior notice

  2. 50% Deposit required of order value with receiving of trophies.  Balance payable before we start with the mounting process in case of Shoulder Mounts & Full Mounts.  Orders for Skull/Shield, Tanning of Skins & Clean/Bleached trophies must be paid in full within the first month.

  3. All trophies/goods not claimed, will be sold after 3 months from notification without prior warning.

  4. Although great caution is exercised by us in the tanning process, we cannot be held responsible for loss due to hair slip or other perils beyond our reasonable control.

  5. For skinning of a trophy, an additional fee will be charge:
    Shoulder Mounts    5% of item price
    Full Mounts        10% of item price
    Normally the hunting farm will skin all your trophies.

  6. For game like Rhino, Giraffe ext., we would like to skin the trophy ourselves without any extra costs.  For faraway places/farms, we will charge you a nominal fee for fuel & time.

  7. Trophies cannot be accepted without proof that it was legally hunted. Please ensure that the necessary permits with the signature of the Hunter for each trophy he shot, is filled in before you leave Namibia.

  8. Packing will be charged at 15% of the order value.

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